Relacore Belly Fat and Stress Relief Review: Does it Work?

If you can’t get rid of belly fat Relacore think they have the answer. Scientifically produced to reduce the belly bulge according the manufacturers. Does Relacore actually work? Read our review to find out what is in it, how it can reduce stress related belly fat and if causes side effects. We will also compare Relacore with similar diet pills.

Relacore review

Relacore Summary: Although Relacore Extra provides ingredients, such as ginseng, that may reduce anxiety and stress, we see no evidence to suggest an ability to support weight loss.

Pros: Reputable company, some good ingredients, may work for stress

Cons: Not a great weight loss formula

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Relacore Review

Relacore Extra is a diet pill that allegedly helps you to burn belly fat and get slim by relieving your stress.

Most diet pills assist weight loss by speeding up your metabolism, so you burn more calories per day. The best ones also provide support in other areas, such as hunger control, so the way Relacore extra is supposed to work is a big departure from the norm.

Relacore belly fat reducer pill

The product is manufactured in Utah by Carter-Reed Company. It has been distributing the product since 2003 and makes some very big claims for it:

  • Trusted by millions
  • America’s #1 belly fat pill

If you believe the hype, Relacore Extra is one of the most trusted formulas for reducing stress-related belly fat.

We don’t believe the hype because we’ve spent hours reading customer reviews. They suggest the pills may help a minority of customers to attain a better state of mind, but are unlikely to be able to tack belly fat.

Weight Loss Benefits of Relacore

The bottle says Relacore Extra is “specially developed to reduce stress-related belly bulge”.

It also says the product is a stress reducer and mood elevator.

In addition to claiming Relacore Extra is America’s #1 Belly Fat Pill, the label proclaims it as “America’s leader in stress mitigation.”

Claims like those are easy to make, but who is saying these things? When companies feel the need to blow their own trumpets, it’s generally just a lot of hot air.

How the Relacore Formulation Works

The back of the box states the formulation can help alter the underlying stress-related causes of body fat including the regulation of stress-related cortisol.

The website no longer appears to bear any claims about cortisol. This is not surprising. Carter-Reed Company was involved in a lawsuit and subsequently fined for making false health claims for Relacore Extra.

The FDA has also sent the company a warning letter about the supplement. It was unhappy about claims the company was making about the product’s abilities: “Helps Prevent Stress-Related Abdominal Obesity” and “Reduces sub-clinical depression.”

The Federal Trade Commission has also told the company to desist from making “baseless and bogus advertising claims.”

It would appear these warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

How to Use Relacore Extra

The dose is three tablets per day, taken with a full glass of water each morning.

The directions on the back of the box say you can take the tablets with or without food. However, many customer reviews mention stomach upsets so it may be unwise to take the tablets on an empty stomach.

Relacore Extra Ingredient Profile

Relacore Extra provides a combination of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. Although the inclusion rates are present for the nutrients, all the plant extracts are housed in a proprietary blend. It provides 240 mg of extracts in total but the weights and ratios are unavailable.

Each (3-capsule) serving provides:

  • Vitamin C (1000 mg)
  • Thiamine (15 mg)
  • Riboflavin (15 mg)
  • Niacin (50 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (10 mg)
  • Folate (667 mcg)
  • Vitamin B12 (10 mcg)
  • Biotin (150 mcg)
  • Pantothenic Acid (23 mg)
  • Calcium (100 mg)
  • Magnesium (100 mg)
  • Zinc (10 mg)

Relacortin Plus Proprietary Blend (240 mg)

  • Passion Flower Powder
  • Magnolia Bark Powder
  • Chinese Skullcap Root Powder
  • Asian Ginseng Root Powder
  • Poria Extract
  • Jujube Fruit Extract
  • Perilla Leaf Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine

Relacore Extra Ingredient Abilities

There is little point in listing the potential benefits of the vitamins and minerals. Most people already know these nutrients are necessary to support good health.

However, it’s probably worth mentioning that B vitamins aid energy metabolism. That’s why you will find them in most good energy drinks.

The most interesting ingredients are the ones in the proprietary blend. Unfortunately, without knowing how much of each one is present, there is no way to predict what the benefits may be. Or the side effects.

Passion Flower Powder

A limited amount of research suggests passion flower extracts may help reduce nonspecific anxiety. Its inclusion here has possible merit but this ingredient should never be used during pregnancy because it may induce uterine contractions.

Magnolia Bark Powder

Chinese herbalists use magnolia bark powder for many ailments including anxiety and depression. Research suggests it may have value in these areas. However, it can also present worrying side effects including shaky hands and breathing difficulties.

Chinese Skullcap Root Powder

Chinese Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) is a traditional herbal treatment for psychiatric disorders.

This inclusion is likely to be more trouble than it’s worth. Its presence adds no value and there are concerns about its potential to cause harm to the liver and lungs.

Asian Ginseng Root Powder

At last! A good ingredient! Also known as Panax ginseng, Asian ginseng is an important adaptogen herb.

As with similar adaptogens, such as Aswagandha, Asian ginseng offers protection against anxiety and stress. It also helps invigorate the body and offers numerous other benefits. In China, it’s considered a life-giving herb.

Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure the proprietary blend provides an effective dose.

Poria Extract

This is another mushroom extract. It’s sometimes used as a treatment for anxiety and also for reducing fatigue.

Chinese herbalists use Poria to treat many other maladies as well. However, its abilities in all areas require further study.

Jujube Fruit Extract

Jujube is a Chinese fruit. Its use in traditional Eastern medicine stretches back several thousand years.

Jujube is also a popular food that’s high in vitamins and minerals and low in calories. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants, so there is no denying it is a healthy food choice.

It’s hard to say why Jujube is included here but, if the inclusion rate is high enough, it may improve sleep.

Perilla Leaf Extract

Perilla is a herb. It’s sometimes used for treating canker sores and airway diseases but there is a lack of evidence to support its abilities in these or other areas.


This is a chemical that the body uses in many ways. It’s especially important in the brain. This compound used to be sourced from cow brains, these days it’s generally taken from cabbage or soy.

Phosphatidylserine is used for treating Alzheimer’s disease and memory decline but it’s unlikely to offer any benefits here. [source]

Relacore Extra Customer Reviews

Customer feedback does not suggest Relacore Extra works for weight loss.

People who rate the product highly often only make statements such as “it Works” or say it helps with their mood. Reports of weight loss are few and far between.

We find zero justification for the claim about Relacore Extra being America’s #1 belly fat pill.

Customers posting negative reviews generally just get to the point and say Relacore Extra does not work. Many negative reviews also mention side effects.

Here are a few sample 5-star reviews:

Now let’s take a look at what a few dissatisfied customers have to say:

Known Side Effects

This supplement appears to have the potential to cause several side effects. Commonly reported ones include:

  • Stomach upsets
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Bright yellow urine
  • Insomnia
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Hair loss

Many customers also report weight gain. We also found a few Relacore Extra reviews from people claiming the product caused their urine to become bright yellow.

We suggest no one use this weight management product without prior medical approval.

Relacore Extra Purchasing Options and Considerations

Relacore Extra is available to buy via many online stores. It’s also possible to buy the supplement from the official website and on

Each bottle of pills provides a 30-day treatment (90 tablets). Customers who buy via the official website can expect to pay $29.99 per bottle plus shipping charges. The Amazon price is around $10 less but there are only 72 pills per bottle. That’s only enough to last for 24 days.

The official website also offers an autoship subscription option that entails a 20% discount.

Although in this case, everything appears to be above board, it’s usually best to avoid autoship arrangements. They can be notoriously hard to cancel.


The official website says Relacore Extra has a 60-day money-back guarantee, but the statement appears under the heading of buying via Subscribe and Save. It’s unclear if refunds are available to customers who make single-bottle purchases.

Relacore Extra Review Conclusion

Although Relacore Extra provides ingredients, such as ginseng, that may reduce anxiety and stress, we see no evidence to suggest an ability to support weight loss.

The claim that the product targets belly fat is particularly annoying. Even the top fat burners cannot target particular body areas in this way. It’s not the way human biology works.

When the body begins to burn fat for energy, it burns the freshest stores of fat first, regardless of their location.

The fact that the company behind this product has already been fined for making false marketing statements yet continues to make similar claims is equally frustrating.

If Relacore Extra really were America’s #1 fat burner it would have much better customer reviews.

Some of the ingredients in the formulation present further cause for concern. As do all the reports of side effects. Our advice is to avoid this product and seek a better alternative instead.

Similar Diet Pills to Relacore

Here are a few other fat burners and weight loss supplements that work in a similar way to Relacore.

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