QuadraLean Thermo Review: Compare RSP Nutrition Fat Burner

Weight management, natural energy, appetite support and focus – QuadraLean Thermo seems to have it all. How does QuadraLean Thermo work, what is in it and how does it compare to other fat burning supplements?

Quadralean Thermo review

QuadraLean Thermo Review Summary: provides several effective weight management ingredients that could help achieve your weight loss and health and fitness goals. It is hard to dismiss this fat burner completely or doubt its potential as a slimming aid. Having said that we feel there are several better options available

Pros: Made by a highly reputable company. Good ingredient profile. Some good customer feedback, comments and reviews. Keenly priced.

Cons: Some mixed customer feedback possible more than we would like to see. Ingredients profile has a few ingredients that are not scientifically proven

Recommended Alternative: PhenGold is a highly effective fat burner that is suitable for anyone who wants or needs to to lose weight.

QuadraLean Thermo Review

QuadraLean Thermo is a fat-burning diet pill made in the USA by RSP Nutrition. The company has been trading since 2008 and offers a diverse range of health and fitness products that includes vegan pre-workout powders, meal replacement shakes, and fish oil capsules.

As the name suggests, QuadraLean Thermo is designed to function as a thermogenic fat burner. Like a lot of similar supplements, it’s also sold with the promise of appetite suppression.

Although anyone can use it, QuadraLean Thermo appears to be primarily aimed at active people who like to train. The marketing material makes this clear by stating the formulation offers pre-workout benefits that make it easier to focus on building muscle and lean mass retention.

A lot of companies that are targeting gym-goers are load their supplements with stimulants. Thankfully, RSP is not playing that game. Although QuadraLean Thermo provides a decent amount of natural caffeine, the dose is not unreasonable and it’s the only stimulant that’s present.

QuadraLean Thermo provides 200 mg of caffeine, two times per day. It will provide a caffeine hit that’s similar to what you would get by drinking two cups of coffee twice per day. Most people should be okay with that but, if you have a problem tolerating caffeine, QuadraLean Thermo won’t be for you.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, QuadraLean Thermo won’t be for you either because the capsule casing is made from gelatin.

QuadraLean Thermo Benefits that Support Weight Management

QuadraLean Thermo Benefits that Support Weight Management

  • Laser focus
  • Weight management
  • Appetite support
  • Natural energy with no jitters or crash

How Does QuadraLean Thermo Work?

QuadraLean Thermo contains ingredients that increase thermogenesis and metabolism. These ingredients cause the body to burn extra calories. Some of the additional clean energy expenditure is due to energy lost from the body in form of heat.

Thermogenesis generates heat within the body. The ingredients in QuadraLean Thermo increase the body’s core temperature. It is not a huge increase, but it’s enough to help you to burn a few more calories than you could not do by diet and exercise alone.

Caffeine is one of the thermogenic fat burning ingredients. Due to its abilities as a natural energy booster, caffeine can also provide invigoration and sharper mental focus, making it easier to train. It is an essential nutrient in many fat burners.

The dietary supplement is also know for featuring cayenne pepper extract. Cayenne pepper fruit extract is a fat burner too. It is also an appetite suppressant so QuadraLean Thermo should be capable of controlling hunger and food cravings. Unfortunately, when it comes to suppressing appetite, cayenne is going it alone. If your biggest obstacle is hunger, QuadraLean Thermogenic fat burner may not provide you with a sufficient level of support.

How to Use QuadraLean Thermo to Lose Weight

The dose is three capsules, two times per day.

You take the first dose as soon as you wake up in the morning. You take the second dose four to six hours later. Due to the caffeine content, it’s best not to take the second dose within six hours of your bedtime.

QuadraLean Thermogenic fat burner provides 400 mg of caffeine per day. Health experts state this is a reasonable dose but suggest not exceeding this amount of caffeine in a day. Bearing this in mind, it would be unwise to use QuadraLean Thermo alongside other sources of caffeine such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks.

QuadraLean Thermo Ingredient Profile

Each (3-capsule) serving provides:

  • Innobio CLA (500 mg)
  • L-Carnitine (500 mg)
  • Caffeine from green tea extract (200 mg)
  • Choline Bitartrate (300 mg)
  • Alpha GPC (50 mg)
  • Grains of Paradise (25 mg)
  • Cayenne Fruit Extract (25 mg)

Fat Loss Ingredient Potential

QuadraLean Thermo provides seven ingredients. Most of them have proven value in areas that make them useful for providing weight loss support.

As you can see, RSP provides all the inclusion rates. That is good because a lot of competing fat burners do not.

Innobio (500 mg)

Innobio CLA is a patented ingredient that’s 60% conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Although Innobio has a reputation for producing high-quality functional lipids, it’s disputable if this form of CLA will work any better than unbranded oils.

Conjugated linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that’s present in many animal fats that is often associated with weight loss. It is excellent for reducing fat storage and can aslo provide an energy boost.

A clinical review, published online in July 2020, supports using CLA for fat loss but points out the results from human studies are “somewhat weak” compared with the results from animal studies.

L-Carnitine (500 mg)

L-carnitine is a versatile amino acid. In addition to being a building block of muscle, it improves physical performance and supports improvements in fat burning.

L-carnitine also aids testosterone production. That’s no bad thing because many men and women struggle with testosterone issues. Low testosterone can be detrimental to body composition because it makes the body more prone to muscle loss and fat gain. L-Carnitine is an integral ingredient in the QuadraLean Thermogenic fat burner formula.

The results of a study involving older adults suggest supplementing with l-carnitine can increase muscle mass, decrease body weight, and bring about reductions in physical and mental fatigue.

Caffeine from green tea extract (200 mg)

Natural caffeine is one of the most popular supplement ingredients in the world. There’s a mountain of research that supports its abilities as a fat burner and energy booster.

Two doses of QuadraLean Thermo provide 400 mg of caffeine per day. It’s quite a lot but still within expert recommendations. Researchers often use this type of dose when they are exploring the way caffeine affects thermogenesis and weight loss.

Choline Bitartrate (300 mg)

Choline bitartrate provides choline in an easy to assimilate. form. The ingredient is present in many of the best brain-boosting pills (nootropics) because it’s good for supporting improvements in memory and cognitive function.

Choline is a less likely inclusion for a fat-burning supplement such as this but there are good arguments for including it. Research involving female martial artists suggests choline supplements improve lipid metabolism.

Alpha GPC (50 mg)

Once again, we are looking at a popular nootropic. Alpha GPC is a botanical ingredient that enhances mental focus and provides additional cognitive benefits. It can produce significant improvements in memory. The benefits are so notable it is present in European prescription medications for Alzheimer’s disease. Another essential nutrient in QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner.

Grains of Paradise (25 mg)

Seeds from the Aframomum melegueta plant are commonly known as grains of paradise. They have a long history of use in folk medicine and are a traditional treatment for many conditions including diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Grains of paradise are even alleged to be an aphrodisiac but alternative plant extracts, such as ginseng, are likely to have more to offer.

Grains of paradise is becoming an increasingly popular diet pill inclusion because research suggests it may increase thermogenesis by converting white adipose tissue (WAT) to brown adipose tissue (BAT). Not one of our favorite fat burning ingredients in the Quadralean thermogenic formula.

Cayenne Fruit Extract (25 mg)

Cayenne pepper extract provides capsaicin. It’s a plant chemical the fruit produces to protect itself from insect damage in the wild.

Research shows capsaicin can support fat loss in several ways including, controlling hunger, boosting metabolism, and converting WAT to BAT. It also appears to support modest improvements in gut microbiome.

QuadraLean Thermo Customer Reviews

Some QuadraLean Thermo customers praise the fat burners ability to boost energy and provide weight loss support, others say it did nothing at all. It’s a pretty mixed bag, but the good reviews slightly outnumber the bad reviews.

Apparently, the formulation has been updated. Some reviewers point this out and say the present version is not as good as the original one. With this in mind, we only looked at recent reviews. Older ones are likely to be misleading about how well the product is likely to perform.

Here are a few reviews from customers reporting favorable experiences.

Real QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner positive reviews

And here are a few reviews from disappointed customers.

QuadraLean Thermo bad reviews

Side Effects of QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner

Most QuadraLean Thermo customers appear to be able to use the fat burner without experiencing any negative issues. However, some customer reviews mention side effects. Headaches are the most commonly reported problem. There are also reports of jitters, nausea, elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Side effects of this nature are normally associated with caffeine. However, it may be a good idea to play it safe and seek a doctor’s advice before adding QuadraLean Thermo to your normal daily routine.

Where to Buy QuadraLean Thermo

QuadraLean Thermo is available via Amazon and many online supplement stores. It’s also possible to buy it from the manufacturer’s website.

QuadraLean Thermo Price and Cost

Expect to pay around $30 for a 30-day supply of pills.

The RSP website also offers the option to get a 15% discount by purchasing the pills via auto-ship.


The Returns Policy mentions a 30-day money-back guarantee but the terms are unclear.

QuadraLean Thermo Review Conclusion

QuadraLean Thermo provides several effective weight management ingredients that could help achieve your weight loss and health and fitness goals. It is hard to dismiss this fat burner completely or doubt its potential as a slimming aid.

Although many customers have written reviews saying the supplement does not work, it seems highly likely their lack of success lies in another area. A lot of dieters fail to track their calories correctly (or don’t even try) and then look for a scapegoat when they fail to make any progress.

Whatever the reasons, it’s hard to argue with the science. The ingredients are beneficial.

However, although this formulation should work okay, some alternatives have more to offer. Many offer higher doses of cayenne, and/or pair it with other top-ranking fat burners such as green tea. The best of them are also geared to providing powerful appetite suppression. Sadly, QuadraLean Thermo is not. The formulation could be greatly improved by the addition of some nopal cactus extract or glucomannan fiber.

The bottom line is, although we cannot fault QuadraLean Thermo, it’s not in the same league as any of the top-raking weight management products.

Similar Fat Burners to QuadraLean Thermo

Here are some other fat burners and weight loss supplements that work in a similar way to QuadraLean Thermogenic.

  • SculptNation Burn PM – a fat burner that is taken at nighttime. It can act as a fat loss supplement as well as an appetite reducing pill.
  • Golo Release – a natural weight loss supplement that can help you achieve your target weight by reducing hunger and food cravings. There are also natural ingredients that can help the immune system, balance blood sugar and insulin levels and improve cognitive function.
  • Burn XT Black – A thermogenic fat burner like QuadraLean Thermo. Burn XT Black has some ingredients in common as well as some unique fat burning compounds.

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