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The Writings of Professor Robert M. Young

'Psychoanalytic Teaching and Research: Knowing and Knowing About' 66k

When Martin Stanton and Bernerd Burgoyne founded THERIP, a Higher Education Network for Research and Information in Psychoanalysis, I was asked (along with Malcolm Pines, who soon drifted away) to act as a sort of 'uncle' figure. As can be seen from the talk I gave at the innaugural conference, I had high hopes for it as a non-sectarian organization. I sat on the committee loyally for seven years and attended practically every meeting, even though the organization left much to be desired. I left when it became unmistakable that only one voice was being heeded, an unvarying agenda was being pursued, Lacan and ___, and a form of sectarianism was entrenched. No other committee member was willing to hold out for a more pluralistic programme. The talk casts its net wider and reflects on issues in the broader psychoanalytic subculture. It was published in Free Associations (1993) Volume 4, Part 1 (No. 29): 129-37.


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