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The Culture of British Psychoanalysis and Related Essays on Character and Morality and on The Psychodynamics of Psychoanalytic Organizations

I have revised and put together into a small book three closely-linked essays. They were presented at different times and places but underwent successive revisions which become increasingly focussed on the relationships between different organizations and constituencies in the broad psychoanalytic culture of Britain. Of the many examples considered, one has gained increasing prominence as events have unfolded: the relationship between the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Confederation of Psychotherapists (BCP). Many of the general issues I raise seem well-illustrated by this conflict and what it shows about how people behave toward one another in this subculture.

I intend to publish a hard-copy version of this book, but until I gather together the resources to do so, I am making this version available on the internet. This has the advantage that the text can be updated as new developments occur. Feedback would be very welcome, including suggestions for correcting any mistakes I may have inadvertently made.



The Culture of British Psychoanalysis

Character and Morality

The Psychodynamics of Psychoanalytic Organizations

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