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The Writings of Professor Robert M. Young

'The Anthropology of Science'33K

In 1971 there was still a Third Programme on BBC Radio, and the consensus was still flexible enough to allow token radicals. Two series were organised around my ideas. One was discussions under the heading 'Are Hierarchies Necessary?'. The other was a series of talks on 'Science and Ideology'. This is my contribution. The physicist to whom I am implicitly alluding was Professor John Ziman, my former Tutor at King's College, Cambridge, whose own talk was entitled 'Do Scientific Theories Stink' (or words to that effect: answer: No! Don't be silly). He has gone on to be the champion of the Public Understanding of Science (assuming that it's all a misunderstanding, you see). I have gone on to argue that in the beginning was the value. The talks were published in New Humanist, mine in July 1972, pp. 102-105.


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