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The Writings of Professor Robert M. Young

'The Human Limits of Nature'132K

'The Limits of Human Nature' was the title of the London Institute of Contemporary Arts winter lecture series for 1971-72. I was flattered to be among a distinguished group of contributors, including Alan Ryan, Arthur Koestler, David Bohm, Raymond Williams and John Maynard Smith. As my title implies, I did not agree with the terms of reference of the series, and my contribution was published in a separate section entitled 'Criticism'. 'Critique' would have been more accurate, since I was challenging the terms of reference of the series, as I spell out in my essay. This approach has been followed through in all my subsequent writings. It was published in J. Benthall, ed., The Limits of Human Nature (Allen Lane, 1973), pp. 235-74.


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