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Process Press

26 Freegrove Road, London N7 9RQ, UK
Tel: 0171 609 0507 - Fax: 0171 609 4837
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Process Press Rationale

Process Press is a new imprint with a new publishing strategy: books of merit, to be sold in the first instance by mail order only. This approach to marketing allows commercial considerations to take second place to the intrinsic merits of books. Process Press Ltd. is also the registered name of the company which traded as Free Association Books for a decade, during which FAB brought out about two hundred volumes - books and periodicals which have been widely admired and greatly appreciated by psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, people in the helping professions and others concerned with the political and cultural dimensions of science, technology, medicine and other forms of expertise. These publications, while attracting a loyal readership and a number of prizes, did not for the most part make money. In 1992 a new company was created - Free Association Books Ltd. - which acquired most of the assets of Process Press and owns the 'Free Association Books' imprint. This company has its own management, editorial approach and marketing strategy. Process Press and Free Association Books are independent companies. With its distinctive approach to the selection of titles and marketing, the Process Press imprint is publishing distinguished books which may attract a relatively small number of purchasers. The rationale behind the marketing strategy of Process Press is as follows: When a book is repped by an agency, stored and distributed by a commercial service and sold by bookshops, only about a third or the cover price goes to the publisher. This means that it is hard to break even on low print runs. By marketing directly to the profession and offering discounts on advance sales, we can continue the editorial approach which gained the original company such a high reputation, without having the problem of ongoing losses. Quality is our only consideration.

Process Press also co-publishes the journals Free Associations and Science as Culture. The editors are engaged in broadening the briefs of both journals, in the case of FA to include more on groups, group relations and cultural issues, and in the case of SaC to include topical interviews and information about the internet. New Process Press books which will appear in the near future are listed below. By subscribing to our pre-publication offers you can help with the cash-flow of the company and save on the purchase prices and postage. Do not worry if they take some months to arrive.

Selling books by mail order precludes browsing. If you would like a copy of any of our publications on approval, which you may return and have the postage refunded if you don't like it, please ask. If you would like more information about any of the books described in the accompanying sheets (tables of contents, fuller descriptions), we would be glad to provide it. We can also supply books published by other publishers. Let us know your requirements. In particular, we offer a list of the key books which we would recommend to be in the library of any psychotherapist. There is also a list - with descriptions of their merits - of other recommended books.

Process Press is offered more worthwhile books than the company has resources to publish. People who are keen on the overall project have supported it in various ways over the years. Substantial discounts are available to our supporters. If you are interested in finding about forms of support and discounts, please write, phone or fax Robert Young, Managing Director, Process Press Ltd., at the address at the top of this document.