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The Human Nature Review Human Nature Review  2002 Volume 2: 362 ( 7 September )
URL of this document http://human-nature.com/nibbs/02/seti.html


From Dr. Douglas Vakoch


CALL FOR PAPERS: Encoding Altruism: The Art and Science of Interstellar Message Composition

On March 23-24, 2003, the second in a series of international workshops on interstellar message design will be held in Paris. The workshop will focus on two broad themes: first, the interface of art, science, and technology in interstellar message design; and second, how to communicate concepts of altruism in interstellar messages. Papers addressing other topics related to interstellar message construction will be considered on a space available basis.

For detailed information about the workshops, see http://publish.seti.org/art_science/2003.

Participation is by invitation only.

Each potential participant should send a 200-word abstract of his/her proposed paper and either a c.v./resume or a URL describing professional background to altruism@seti.org no later than December 1, 2002. The workshop is sponsored by The SETI Institute; Leonardo/OLATS (Leonardo Observatory for the Arts and TechnoSciences); The John Templeton Foundation; The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology; and The International Academy of Astronautics Permanent SETI Study Group.

Douglas A. Vakoch, Ph.D.
Interstellar Message Group Leader
Center for SETI Research
SETI Institute
2035 Landings Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043

Research Associate
Department of Psychology
University of California, Davis

Tel: 1-650-960-4514
Fax: 1-650-968-5830

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© Douglas A. Vakoch.


Vakoch, D. A. (2002). Encoding Altruism: The Art and Science of Interstellar Message Composition [letter to the editor]. Human Nature Review. 2: 362.

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