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Robert M. Young

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Professor Robert O’Kell, University of Manitoba, issued the invitation which occasioned half of this book. He and his wife and colleague, Arlene Young, could not have been more hospitable. The same can be said of their colleagues, in particular, Richard Hobdell, Evelyn Forget, Bruce Tefft, Charles Bigelow, Elizabeth Sellick, Philip Katz and Arnold Naimark, President of the University of Manitoba. The encomiums from people who had attended the lectures which were sent to me after my visit persuaded me that it was worth bringing them out in this book. Marike Finlay, McGill University, created the occasion for the original presentation of chapter two; Martin Stanton, University of Kent, for chapter three; Lawrence Goldie, Royal Postgraduate Medical Society, for chapter four; Sara Cooper, Guild of Psychotherapists, for chapter five; Mary Dortch, Philosophy Society at the University of Kent, for chapter six; Jim Shorthose, Nottingham Polytechnic, for chapter seven. I am grateful to each of them. For other forms of support, constructive criticism, insight and encouragement I want to thank Jane Temperley, Steve Wills, Jane Kitto, John Fletcher, Malcolm Vaut, Donna Haraway, Russell Jacoby, Victor Wolfenstein, Jim Grotstein, Barry Richards, Karl Figlio, Ron Britton, Paul Gordon, Tim Kendall and Em Farrell. I also want to acknowledge the influence of Jacqueline Rose (Why War?) and Anthony Giddens (The Transformations of Intimacy), whose recent writings have led me to believe that aspects of the mode of discourse adopted in this book might be well-received by readers.


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