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The Trauma Information Pages web site focuses on emotional trauma, PTSD, and mental health aspects of disaster response. The primary audience is clinicians, researchers, and graduate students interested in traumatic-stress, but there are links and supportive information available that will be helpful for survivors / victims as well.

Information is organized across five primary pages: a trauma narrative, research-related resources (including full-length articles on trauma and links to online databases), supportive links, disaster mental health handouts and links, and many links to other web sites with information on trauma/PTSD, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, research design, statistics, and related issues.

Injustice Studies Injustice Studies (IS) is a refereed international electronic journal that helps focus academic attention on the study of injustices around the world. The editors welcome essays devoted to understanding the nature of injustice, types of injustice, and the history, politics, and moral psychology of particular injustices, ranging from global to local events. Disagreements over which injustices warrant attention also are part of the problematique of IS. Since IS has an interdisciplinary orientation, its articles should aim to be accessible to the general reader.
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