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Lost for Words:
The Psychoanalysis of Anorexia and Bulimia


Em Farrell

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I would like to acknowledge the support and help of the following people. Robin and Louisa Lane Fox, Peter and Diana Balfour, Robin Piper, Karen Proner, Barbara Reid, and Christopher Fyfe who helped and supported me through my years of university education. I would like to thank Brett Kahr and David Smith for making this book a better one than it would otherwise have been - both through their teaching and their comments. Vivienne Lewin helped me to understand and to bear much of the turbulence encountered in my work. Thanks to Dido, Gerry and Jo for their support. To Bernard for his. Alison, Iwona and Corinne took me and continue to take me happily away from my books. Thanks to my parents whose lives are so removed from those in this book and to my patients for sharing theirs with me. Thanks to The Eating Disorder Workshop at the Tavistock, particularly to Arthur Hyatt and Gianna Williams, who provided much useful food for thought. My ideas began to crystallize after reading the work of Harvey Schwartz and David Krueger, to whom I shall always be indebted. Finally, thanks to Bob Young, for providing me with a structure, for pointing out the ideas that needed more thought, for reading the manuscript, more than once, for impatiently correcting my grammar, for publishing it and ...




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