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Gender and the Brain

  1. Behavioral Endocrinology (Slide Introduction)
  2. Evolutionary Psychology and Women.
  3. The female brain.
  4. Y are males so violent? Listen to the interview here (Pull the slider to about 14 min into the interview).
  5. Selected reading from A Natural History of Rape: Biological Basis of Sexual Coercion
  6. Excerpts from "Brain Sex".
  7. Sex and the Corpus Callosum. Also, check this.
  8. "A sex difference in the brain and its relation to transsexuality" Read the Nature article. Find the Time review here. Listen to the National Public Radio Interview.
  9. "A Difference in Hypothalamic Structure Between Heterosexual and Homosexual Men" Read Simon Levay's August 30 1991 Science paper. A review can be found here.
  10. National Public Radio Interview with Deborah Blum (You'll need Real Audio for this)
  11. Homosexuality topics: Read each of these to stimulate discussion (read here). All letters are in response to National Public Radio series on the biology of homosexuality.
  12. A comparison of rearing male vs. female children.
  13. Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man? Find out here.
  14. Men, Women, and Sex Differences: The Attitudes of Three Feminists.
  15. Read a review of Sex on the Brain: The Biological Differences between Men and Woman.
  16. Are Men Smarter than Women? Read Gender Mender.
  17. Various links to gender and sexuality issures. Some good, some odd.
  18. Hormones affecting "Pillow Talk"
  19. Sex Differrences in the Brain. Read the review.
  20. Angry Adolescent Brains.
  21. Sexual Selection and the Mind.
  22. A father's imprint on his daughter's thinking. Download the article here (needs Adobe Acrobat. Get that here). More comments here.
  23. A gender difference in social-cognitive function. Download the article here (needs Adobe Acrobat. Get that here).
  24. Brain News.
  25. Bio-Feminism Web Resources.
  26. New York Times Interview: "Are some people born gay?"
  27. A difference between heterosexual and homosexual/bisexual women.
  28. Study questions gene influence on male homosexuality.
  29. Why do we know so little about human sex?
  30. The real truth about the female body.
  31. Bio-feminism Web Resources.
  32. Sex and Anger: Differences between males and females.
  33. Male vs. Female Developmental Biology READ THIS

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