Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Review: Green Tea Extract

If you are researching weight loss pills and diet supplements and wanted something a little bit different, Zenwise may have the answer. A gummie that contains green tea extract and green coffee – what’s not to like? Read our Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies review and see if they are the right fit for you.

Zenwise fat burner gummies reviews

Zenwise Gummies Summary: A weight loss supplement that contains green tea extract, green coffee and garcinia. The main ingredients are thermogenic fat burners, the brand name includes ‘fat burner’ in the title and yet the main advertised benefit is to suppress appetite. A little bit of confusion here and mixed message.

Pros: A well respected manufacturer, green tea and green coffee and excellent ingredients for fat loss. A candy alternative.

Cons: Not a unique product, does not contain enough of the main fat burning ingredients.

If you are intent on buying a fat burning supplement we would recommend PhenQ. PhenQ is a very well formulated fat burner that is also adept at reducing hunger and suppressing appetite. It is a gimmick free weight loss supplement that has been a market leader for several years.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Review

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies – the name says it all. This is a weight management product that aims to harness the natural fat-burning capabilities of green tea.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies with green tea

Who Makes the Fat Burner Gummies?

The gummies are part of a range of health and wellness products brought to market by Zenwise LLC. Other than it appears to be based in Florida, we haven’t been able to find out much about the company.

However, we have discovered the company’s green tea gummies formulation is far from unique. The same gummies are for sale by Nobi Nutrition. This suggests the gummies are a white label product. If so, the same formulation could be for sale under many other brand names as well.

Does this matter? Probably not. We have nothing against white label products and, in this case, the fact that there is at least one clone available has proved useful, as you will see when we take a look at the customer feedback.

Zenwise Green Tea Fat Burner Gummies Benefits

  • Promotes increases in energy and thermogenesis
  • Supports metabolism and appetite control
  • Promotes healthy weight management
  • Supports cardiovascular health and cognition

How the Gummies Work

As you can see, Zenwise makes several claims about its gummies. The one about improvements in cognition is highly unlikely.

As far as weight loss goes, the most relevant claims are appetite control and improvements in energy and thermogenesis.

A low-energy diet should be at the heart of any serious weight loss plan. Be they gummies, diet pills, or an alternate option, weight loss supplements only aid the efforts you make with your diet.

Your body will only burn its fat if it experiences an energy shortage. Unless your diet causes a shortfall of calories, this energy shortage will not happen.

Unfortunately, causing this energy shortage results in hunger. It can also cause fatigue. If Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies can control appetite and boost energy, they will make it easier to “diet” and lose weight.

By increasing thermogenesis, Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies should make it possible to lose more weight than is possible through diet and exercise alone.

Thermogenesis generates heat within the body. Ingredients that enhance this normal biological function cause the body to become a little warmer and lose more energy as heat. This increases metabolism.

In theory, this product should work. However, in reality, customer reviews suggest it may function better as a healthy alternative to candy.

How to Use Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies

The dose is two gummies, taken one to two times per day. However, there are only 60 gummies per bottle so, if you are taking four gummies per day, each bottle will only last for 15 days.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Ingredient List

Each (2-gummy) serving provides five key ingredients and, at only 260 mg per serving, green tea only accounts for around a quarter of the gummy content.

Two gummies provide:

  • Green Tea [10:1 Extract] – 260 mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia [10:1 Extract] – 250 mg
  • Raspberry Ketone [10:1 Extract] – 250 mg
  • Green Coffee Bean [10:1 Extract] – 250 mg
  • Caffeine [22% from Guarana Seed] – 10 mg

The supplement facts also make it clear each serving of gummies also provides 15 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrate. Neither amount is high enough to be considered significant but may be a consideration for anyone who is trying to lose weight and/or following a Keto diet plan.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Ingredient Value

As you can see, from the ingredient list above, most of the ingredients are provided as 10:1 extracts. These are high-potency concentrates. In theory, they should be 10 times as strong as normal-strength extracts.

The actual inclusion rates are 26 mg of green tea and 25 mg of garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, and green coffee bean respectively.

Customers have to take it on faith that the extracts have the specified potency.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies also contain several non-active ingredients including pectin, citric acid, vegetable oil, and natural apple flavor.

Let’s take a look at the potential benefits each of the active ingredients may provide.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It’s an excellent source of polyphenol antioxidants known as green tea catechins. Research suggests the most important one (for weight loss) is likely epigallocatechin (EGCG).

green tea extract for burning body fat

Green tea’s value as a weight loss aid has been well studied. More importantly, there is plenty of proof that it works.

Research shows that the main way green tea supports weight loss is by increasing thermogenesis.

It’s also known to be a heart-friendly weight loss aid.

However, Zenwise makes a big deal about green tea’s ability to boost energy. Its potential in this regard is likely to be very limited.

If the green tea extract the gummies provide is really the equivalent of 250 mg of standard green tea extract, we are looking at a decent dose. If it lacks the alleged potency, it may not do a lot.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia fruit extracts are often included in weight loss formulations. The rind of the fruit provides hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

HCA is generally associated with appetite suppression. It may also limit the body’s ability to create fresh fat cells.

However, up until fairly recently, there has been a lack of insight into the way the ingredient achieves these things.

Research published in 2019 by the Royal Society of Chemistry sheds light on this but the methodology is too complex to incorporate into our review so we will provide a link to the study instead.

It’s also worth noting that experts state garcinia cambogia extracts should be at least 50% HCA. Many extracts fail in this regard. So, even if the extract being used here is the equivalent of 250 mg of standard extract, it won’t offer much benefit if the HCA content is too low.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a phenol that’s present in certain fruits. No surprise here, but raspberries are the best source.

Raspberry ketone, also known as raspberry ketones, supports weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing levels of a fat-burning hormone called adiponectin.

The problem with this ingredient is the price. It’s incredibly expensive so many manufacturers use a synthetic version. Unfortunately, although it’s cheaper, it lacks potency.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid. It reduces insulin resistance. By doing this, it can help prevent the blood sugar crashes that often trigger cravings for sugar and carbs.



Caffeine is a popular stimulant that increases energy and enhances mental focus. Research shows caffeine also increases thermogenesis.

However, this particular fat-burning gummy formulation only provides 10 mg of caffeine – at most.

The ingredient profile Zenwise provides is confusing. It may be telling us two gummies provide 10 mg of caffeine or it may be telling us they provide 10 mg of a guarana seed extract that is 22% caffeine.

If that is so, two gummies will only provide 2.2 mg of caffeine. Either way, the dose is too low to be beneficial. To put things into perspective, a standard cup of coffee generally provides around 100 mg of caffeine.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a suitable source of reviews. Amazon appears to have a lot of reviews for this product but, as many customers point out, a lot of them are for the company’s MCT Oil supplement.

One customer says this seems shady. We would have to agree.

The Zenwise website also has quite a lot of customer reviews Most of them have a 5-star rating and none of them award less than 4 stars.

At first blush, this seems good but the reviews may be handpicked. It’s always best to consider manufacturers’ websites as biased sources of information.

However, as we already mentioned at the start of this review, Zenwise Fat Burner Gummy formulation is not unique. It has at least one clone.

Because Nobi Nutrition is selling the same product under a different label its reviews are equally applicable to Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies. Amazon has a decent number of them available but they suggest this is a mediocre formulation at best.

Side Effects of Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies

Side effects don’t appear to be an issue with this product. That’s not surprising. The gummies are very low in caffeine and none of the other ingredients have a reputation for causing negative reactions.

However, as with similar products, we advise women who are pregnant or nursing to avoid using this product without getting a doctor’s approval. 

We offer the same advice to people who have existing health issues, such as diabetes, and to anyone who would need to use the gummies alongside medication.

Where to Buy Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies

It’s possible to buy Fat Burner Gummies from the Zenwise website. You can generally buy them from Amazon as well but the price is around the same. Expect to pay around $20 per bottle (60 gummies).

Is there a Guarantee

The Zenwise website promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee but provides no details of its duration or any special terms that may apply.

Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies Review Conclusion

Customer reviews suggest Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies have greater potential as a candy alternative than they do as a weight loss aid. 

Presuming the extract has the alleged potency, the gummies may also be a good option for people who don’t enjoy green tea but want to enjoy its health benefits.

However, the potency of all the extracts is questionable so, although all the ingredients are good, the gummies may not deliver them in sufficiently high doses.

Weight loss gummies are a nice idea but, if you are serious about losing weight, we suggest you choose an alternative product instead.

Comparing Zenwise Fat Burner Gummies to Other Fat Burners

Here are some other diet supplements that are similar and comparable to ZenWise Green Tea Extract Fat Burner Gummies.

  • Burn XT Black – a thermogenic fat burner that can aid fat loss, burn calories, suppress appetite and reduce food cravings and also provide an energy boost.
  • Quadralean Thermo – provides several effective weight management ingredients that could help achieve your weight loss and health and fitness goals.
  • Phen Gold – a natural phentermine alternative that can burn fat and suppress appetite
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