Huperzine A Brain Boosting Benefits and Side Effects

Huperzine-A is a powerful nootropic derived from the Chinese Club Moss plant, Huperzia serrata. It’s been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and muscle problems as well as boosting blood circulation in humans because of its ability to increase both dopamine release by neurons (which helps with memory)and norepinephrine levels among other things.

Huperzine A

What is Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a nootropic compound sourced from the Huperziaceae family of herbs. It is often found in brain health supplements and pre-workouts because of its ability to increase neurotransmitter levels, specifically acetylcholine.

It is used in nootropic supplement alongside other cognitive enhancers such as Bacopa Monnieri

Acetylcholine helps us learn. It is in fact the principal neurotransmitter for that purpose. Not only that but it’s also heavily involved in the force of muscle contraction. So, for different reasons that are closely tied, both strength athletes and academics benefit from optimal levels of acetylcholine.

Huperzine A is safe to use and presents no side effects in the average person.

This excellent compound is even being researched for its ability to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Overview of Hup-A

Huperzine-A is a natural plant alkaloid that easily crosses the blood brain barrier, making it an excellent nootropic that is widely used as staple ingredient in many premier brands.

Hup-A is derived from the Chinese Club Moss (Huperzia serrata). A plant native to southeast Asia where it’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, with some historical documentation dating back 3100 BC when Egyptians referred to its therapeutic effects while treating skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Huperzine-A is a strong acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor that prevents the breakdown down of ACH. It boosts short term memory and long term brain health by increasing levels in our brains for better thinking skills, faster reaction times, increased focus on tasks at hand as well as improved moods because it makes us feel less anxiety or depression when taking this in supplement form.

What are the Benefits

  • Neurotransmitters are the messengers between your brain cells. Huperzine-A helps prevent an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine, which improves cognition and memory function!
  • Brain cells use a lot of energy to function. These fuels come from the mitochondria in your brain, and if these aren’t working well then you might experience problems with cognition or movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Huperzine-A supports those pesky little powerhouses inside our brains!
  • Neuroprotectant – Huperzine-A is an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage in brain cells. It also boosts the activity of other important antioxidants, protecting your mind from age-related degeneration!

How Does Huperzine A Work?

Hup-A, as it is also called, increases levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. It does this by inhibiting an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase.
This enzyme breaks down acetylcholine, so by stopping it to an extent the levels of acetylcholine are allowed to increase.

The compound Huperzine A is water soluble, therefore easily ingestible from oral supplementation.

Its initial spike is fast but it also sticks around for a long time, making it both efficient and durable; everything you want from a nootropic ingredient.

Are There Other Benefits of Huperzine-A

As well as the obvious inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, Huperzine-A is a neuro-protective antioxidant.

Where Does Huperzine-A Come From?

There are two general forms of Hup-A, natural and synthetic. The natural type comes from the Huperziaceae family of herbs, from which it is extracted. The synthetic type is bioequivalent to the natural one so it seems either can be used for the quality supplements.

Other plant family sources are Lycopodiaceae and Selaginella. Toothed Clubmoss is a common term used for the Lycopodium/Huperzeria plants from which Huperzine-A.

Huperzine-A vs Huperzia serrata What are the Differences?

Huperzine-A (Hup-A) is a standardized compound found in this naturally occurring plant.

For those who are looking for a supplement to help improve their memory and concentration, Huperziene A can be an effective nootropic that will work with other medications or without them as well – there isn’t much of an effect when taken on its own though!

In fact research has shown it works best if combined with something else like Piracetam supplements which provide extra cognitive enhancement benefits but don’t have any side effects themselves compared to Adrafinil capsules from Modalert+RHa combination).

So make sure you pick up some genuine Huperisinoids at your local drugstore over synthetic copies.

Huperzine-A Recommended Dosage

Huperzine-A is a supplement that’s typically sold as 50, 100 or 200mcg tablets.

It can be taken with meals if you’re experiencing side effects like stomach discomfort from other nootropics and herbs in your stack. However it also works well when taken on an empty stomach (although this does reduce absorption).

Huperzine A gives smart people something extra while using pre-made stacks such as those found at retail outlets for sale online – so make sure not too exceed prescribed dosage amounts!

Neurohackers who want to maximize their cognitive abilities should avoid using Huperzine-A every day or even twice per week.

Some prefer cycling with the supplement, which can allow for increased benefits by taking it on occasion rather than constantly throughout the course of a single session.

It has been shown that neuro hackers have an at least 24 hour half life so this makes them more likely cycle days off when they are not working out hard enough mentally over weeks since its effects wear off much quicker if taken within hours after workout.

Does Huperzine-A Cause Side Effects

Huperzine-A is a drug that can be toxic if used in larger than recommended doses.

Or, it could make an already excessive amount of acetylcholine (ACH) even higher within you system – which huperzines do! Remember this when taking our product because side effects with Hupexol A may include symptoms similar to choline overload like nausea and vomiting; diarrhea etc., but more likely: insomnia or anxiety about dizziness/thirst(from raising too many neurotransmitters).

Huperzine-A is a supplement that does not have any negative side effects. Very rarely will Huperzine-A cause cardiac arrhythmia, but if you are concerned about this then consult your doctor before taking it.

It has been studied for over 30 years and there haven’t yet been studies showing its harmfulness or risk of causing heart problems in healthy people who use the drug as directed (between 1 to 10 milligrams per day).

Huperzine-A Summary

Hup-A is a safe and powerful inhibitor of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which in turn results in increased levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. More of that means improved cognitive function.

The compound also protects the brain and rids it of toxins that may cause its physical decline before it otherwise has to be.
It addition to any nootropic supplement is a valuable one, and it will be synergistic with any direct acetylcholine booster.

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