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B. Saunders, Philosophy and Anthropology, KU Leuven, Belgium

Refereed international journals

Review of C.L. Hardin and L. Maffi (eds.) Color Categories in Thought and Language, American Anthropologist, in preparation.

Reply to Dederik, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, in preparation.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1998) What's empirical about Atran’s taxonomies? [peer commentry on Scott Atran's “Folk biology and the anthropology of science: Cognitive universals and cultural particulars”], Behavioural and Brain Science, in press.

Saunders, B.A.C.1998 What is colour? Review article, British Journal of Psychology. In press.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1997) From a colonised consciousness to autonomous identity: Shifting relations between the Kwakwaka'wakw and Canadian nations, Dialectical Anthropology 22: 137-158.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1997) Are there non-trivial constraints on colour categorisation? [target article followed by 31 commentaries and author's reply: Colour - An exosomatic organ?], Behavioural and Brain Sciences 20: 167-232.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1995) Kwakwaka'wakw museology, Cultural Dynamics [invited contribution special issue on museums], 7: 37-69.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1995) Disinterring Basic Color Terms, History of the Human Sciences 8: 19-38.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1995) What can Caporael offer anthropology? Commentary on Caporael on group-selection. Psycoloquy [electronic journal], 95.6.07.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1994) The ignis fatuus of colour, review of J. Gage, Colour and Culture (1993), Art History 17: 495-506.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1993) Disenshrining the Cartesian self [peer comment on Gopnik "On the Illusion of First Person Authority"], Behavioural and Brain Sciences 16: 77-78.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1992) Peer comment on MacLaury: "From brightness to hue", Current Anthropology 33: 165-167.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1989) On cross-cultural colour semantics, International Journal of Moral and Social Studies 4: 173-180.

van Brakel, J. and B.A.C. Saunders (1989) Moral implications of pragmatism, Journal of Value Inquiry 23 (1989) 259-274.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1988) Re-evaluating Basic Colour Terms, Cultural Dynamics 1: 359-378.

Proceedings of international conferences

Saunders, B.A.C. (forthc.) The ideology of a model of colour, forthcoming in Proceedings of the Einstein-Magritte Conference, Red Book, Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1997) The phantom objectivity of colour: With reference to the works of Franz Boas on the Kwakiutl, pp. 87-95 in Translation of Sensitive Texts (K. Simms, ed.), Amsterdam: Rodopi.

van Brakel, J. and B.A.C. Saunders (1997) On the existence of a fixed number of unique opponent hues, pp. 393-402 in John Dalton's Colour Vision Legacy (C.M. Dickinson, I.J. Murray and D. Carden, eds.), London: Taylor & Francis.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1988) Are colours cultural universals? pp. 296-299 in Proceedings 12th International Wittgenstein Symposium (P. Koller, A. Schram, O. Weinberger, eds.), Vienna: Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1987) Art and science as ways of worldmaking, pp. 359-361 in Proceedings 11th International Wittgenstein Symposium (P. Weingartner and G. Schurs, eds.), Vienna: Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky.


Saunders, B.A.C. and M-C. Foblets, eds. (forthc.) Changing Genders [12 contributions, scheduled 2000, Berg, Oxford) including introduction and contributing chapters by editors].

Saunders, B.A.C. (1992) The Invention of Basic Colour Terms, Utrecht: ISOR, 275 pp.

Unpublished reports

Saunders, B.A.C. (1990) Dan Cranmer's Potlatch, 45 pp.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1990) Kwakiutl Bibliography, 45 pp.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1990) The Return of the Potlatch Collection to the Kwagiulth Museum and Cultural Centre, 93 pp.

These reports are copyrighted by the Nyumbalees Society written to accord with a bilateral working agreement to enable field work with the Lekwiltok (Kwakwaka'wakw, Quadra Island and Campbell River, BC, Canada).

Invited lectures

Berlin and Kay and Rivers, WHR Rivers Centennial Conference: Anthropology and Psychology: The Legacy of Torres Straits, 1898-1998, St. Johns College, Cambridge University (U.K.), August 1998.

Gendered fantasies in a globalised world (and what to do about them), International Conference Femmes Africaines et mondialisation, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), December 1997.

Why preserve traditional cultures? Symposium Multiculturalisme: Semaine européenne de la philosophie - Citéphilo Lille, University of Leuven at Kortrijk (Belgium), November 1997.

Musschenga's heritage politics (commentary on discussion paper), Netherlands-Israel Colloquium: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam (Netherlands), November 1997.

Inverting the Image: Exoticism in two Aboriginal museums, Fotografie en Exotisme: Tussen Erkenning, Herkenning en Miskenning, Symposium Institute for Cultural Studies, University of Leuven (Belgium) November 1997.

Autonomous identity?, ACSN conference Localism versus Globalism: Changing Relations between People and Place in Canada, Utrecht (Netherlands), November 1996.

Gender, fieldwork and the Academy, Annual meeting Antropologische Kring, University of Leuven (Belgium), October 1996.

Four theses on colour, Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF), Universität Bielefeld, Bielefeld (Germany), December 1995.

Contested identities in native America: the politics of two Northwest Coast museums, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University (U.K.), October 1993.

Kwakiutl museology, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich (U.K.), June 1993.

Disinterring Basic Color Terms, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich (U.K.), May 1993.

On translating the World Color Survey, Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen (Netherlands), May 1992.

Commentary on discussion paper by Stephen Tyler, US-Dutch Workshop on Postmodern Anthropology, Utrecht (Netherlands), December 1991.

The mystique of the the field, AIO/OIO Network Symposium, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), October 1990.

Colour names and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis again, Symposium Between Semantics and Rationality, 12th International Congress Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Zagreb (Croatia), July 1988 [abstract in Collegium Antropologicum, 12 (1988) 295-296].

Colours: natural kinds or sensations in the sensorium?, Symposium Cognitive Anthropology and Cultural Dynamics, Ghent (Belgium), December 1987.

Chapters in books

Saunders, B.A.C. (1998) Misdescribing colour, pp. 183-200 in Anthropology of Difference (S. van Londen and E. van Dongen, eds.), Utrecht: ISOR.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1997) Contested Ethnie in two Kwakwaka'wakw Museums, pp. 85-130 in Contesting Art: Art, Identity and Politics (J. MacClancy, ed.), Oxford: Berg.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1995) Translating the World Color Survey, pp. 161-178 in Post-Modernism and Anthropology (K. Geuijen, D. Raven and J. de Wolf, eds.), Assen: van Gorcum.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1989) Reynolds' theory of learning processes, pp. 464-473 in Academies of Art: Between Renaissance and Romanticism (A.W.A. Boschloo, E.J. Hendrikse, L.C. Smit and G.J. van der Sman, eds.), 's-Gravenhage: SDU Uitgeverij.

In Dutch language publications

Saunders, B.A.C. (forthc.) The image and the Other, Focaal [special issue on The Museum and the Academy], in preparation.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1997) Omgekeerde beelden: Exotisme in een inheems museum in Noordwest Canada, pp. 19-25 in Exotisme [publication in connection with Fotografie Leuven 97], Leuven: Institute for Cultural Studies.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1993) On the origin of the word ‘basic’ in Berlin and Kay’s Basic Color Terms, Antropologische Verkenningen 12: 35-50.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1990) Review article of Language and Representation by C. Sinha, Antropologische Verkenningen 9: 71-74.

Saunders, B.A.C. (1987/88), Realisme en kunst,Wijsgerig Perspectief, 28: 173-177.

Saunders, B.A.C. and J. van Brakel (1987) De morele en politieke implicaties van het pragmatisme: een vergelijking van Putnam en Rorty, Kennis en Methode, 11: 315-329.

Contributed papers at international conferences

not already under ‘invited lectures’ or ‘proceedings of international conferences’

Boas' Legacy, Deutscher und Indianer - Indianer und Deutsche: Cultural Encounters in Three Centuries, Dartmouth College, Hannover, NH, (USA), May 1999.

New Perspectives on Boas on the Kwakiutl, 20th American Indian Workshop, Lund University (Sweden), April 1999.

Berlin and Kay and Basic Color Terms, XIV Congress International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Bellingham WA (USA), August 1998 (shorter version of Revisiting Basic Color Terms).

Inverting the image: Exoticism in a Northwest coast indigenous museum, Globalization from Below: Contingency and Contestation in Historical Perspective, Duke University, Durham NH (USA), February 1998.

Fourth world autonomy: A contradiction in terms? 22nd Annual Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies, Swansea (Wales), March 1997.

Misdescribing colour, IVth Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, Barcelona (Spain), July 1996.

Affordances of the chromatic world, The Primacy of Interaction: Socializing Ecological Psychology, interdisciplinary workshop of the International Society for Ecological Psychology, University of Portsmouth (U.K.), September 1995.

Colour again, American Anthropological Association Meeting, Washington DC (USA), November 1989 [abstract in Abstracts 88th AAA Annual Meeting, p. 38].

Is colour an inner oracle? American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting, Oakland CA, (USA), March 1989 [abstract in Proceedings American Philosophical Association, 62 (1989) 646-647].

On cross-cultural colour semantics, World Congress of Philosophy, Brighton (U.K.), August 1988.

Address for correspondence: Barbara Saunders, Departments of Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Leuven, Belgium email:

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