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Reading lists on Psychoanalytic Theory and related topics

These lists have been prepared in the course of preparing various lectures, seminars and papers. They are divided into five groups and are available for downloading as Microsoft Word Documents. Be sure to open them from within the word processing application.

List 1
1. The Analytic Frame, Boundaries and Acting Out
2. Concepts of the Inner World
Primitive Processes
3. The Unconscious and Psychotic Processes
4. Transference and Countertransference
5. The Oedipus Complex
6. Projective Identification and Container/Contained
7. Virulent Projective Identification: Racism and Nationalism
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List 2
Cultural, Social and Ideological Issues
8. Structures, Positions, Stories
9. Symbolism and Culture
10. Groups and Institutions
11. Ideology and the Sociology of Psychoanalytic Knowledge
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List 3
Object Relations
12. The Libido Theory and Object Relations Theory
13. Narcissism
14. Winnicott
15. Klein
16. Bion
17. Meltzer
18. The Independents
19. The Concept of Psychopathology: a Critique
20. Orthodox Classification and Psychiatric Concepts of Mental Disease
21. 'Normal' Psychopathology: Defence Mechanisms
22. Psychodynamic Concepts of Psychosis
23. Borderline Disorders and Pathological Organisations
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List 4
Sexuality and Love
24. Dissident Sexualities
25. Perversity and Perversion
26. Pornography
27. The Sexual Radicals: Reich and Marcuse
28. Love and Relationships
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List 5
Conceptual Issues
29. Psychoanalysis and Philosophy
30. Second Nature
Psyche, Soma, Persons
31. Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism and Its Consequences
32. History of Ideas of Mind and Brain
33. Biological and Evolutionary Perspectives
34. Classical Psychosomatics and Recent Alternatives
35. Homeostasis, Functionalism and Systems Theory
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