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by David Armstrong, W. Gordon Lawrence and Robert M. Young The group relations tradition developed by W. R. Bion, A. K. Rice and others at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London is surprisingly short of introductory works. One reason for this is that it is a particularly experiential form of learning. Another is that it is not at all easy to express what one has learned in group relations events, and assimilation of these experiences can take many years.

The authors had a unique opportunity to reflect on the basic principles of group relations when they were part of a team of consultants who staged a first-ever conference in Eastern Europe, in Bulgaria. All who took part found it a remarkable event. As a consequence, a new institute has been set up in Sofia, for the purpose of training people in this approach. As a part of these developments, the authors have had occasion to spell out their understanding of the group relations tradition to interested people. Their expositions are reprinted here, together with the first essay which got the Bulgarians interested and others which round out the collection. The result is intended to be an accessible and clear exposition, representing a distillation of the tradition, including its most recent developments. A comprehensive bibliography is also included.


'Mental Space and Group Relations' by Robert M. Young
'The Presence of Totalitarian States of Mind in Institutions' by W. Gordon Lawrence
'Making Absences Present: The Contribution of W. R. Bion to Understanding Unconscious Social Phenomena' by David Armstrong
'Benign and Virulent Projective Identification in Groups and Institutions' by Robert M. Young
'The "Institution in the Mind": Reflections on the Relation of Psycho-analysis to Work with Institutions' by David Armstrong
'Names, Thoughts and Lies: The Relevance of Bion's Later Writing to Experiences in Groups' by David Armstrong
'Won from the Void of the Infinite: Experiences of Social Dreaming' by W. Gordon Lawrence
'Signals of Transcendence' by W. Gordon Lawrence
'Experiences in Group Relations in a New Cultural Setting' by Robert M. Young
Bibliography on Group Relations

Publication Winter 1995-96 London: Process Press Paperback 15.95


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