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Contents of Available Back Issues of Free Associations

FA 1 'The Establishment of Female Genitality' by, Joan Cornwell. 'Therapeutic Intervention in Working-Class Communities' by Paul Hoggett and Julian Lousada. 'Sexual Contradictions: On Freud, Psychoanalysis and Feminism' by Janet Sayers. 'Being a Parent' by Alan Shuttleworth. 'The Tiger and "O": a Reading of Bion's Memoir and Autobiography' by Meg Harris Williams.

FA 2 Questions of Training R.D.Hinshelwood. Objects are Not People Gregorio Kohon. The Ego Ideal and the Psychology of Groups Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel. True and False Aesthetics Prince Masud Khan. The Babel of Therapies Rosemary Davies. The Bridge Foundation for Psychotherapy and the Arts Sally Box. Face values: A Preliminary Look at One Aspect of Adolescent Subculture Valerie Sinason. On Love and Language Claire Pajaczkowska. Fantasy and History in the Study of Childhood L.J.Jordanova. Mental Management: The Origins of Psychiatry Roger Smith. A Defence of Children's Fiction: Another Reading of Peter Pan Michael Rustin.

FA 3 Winnicott Working in Areas Where Psych rsonal Record Margaret I.Little. The Politics of the Self Barry Richards. Freedom and Independence: On the Psychoanalysis of Political Commitment Paul Parin. The Idealization of Dying Anna Witham. Questions of 'Training'? A Contribution From a Peripatetic Cousin Deryck Dyne.

FA 4 Lolita and Kleinian Psychoanalysis Barnett J.Sokol. The experience of having a baby: a developmental view Dana Birkstead-Breen. A 'dual materialism' R.D.Hinshelwood. Literary Criticism and Psychoanalysis: partners or millstones? Valerie Sinason. Freud and Philosophy Ian Craib.Why Freud or Reich? Joel Kovel. Marriages brought into the consulting-room and the transference interpretation Roderick Peters. Aspects of Longing Paul Hoggett. On not knowing all the answers Margaret Arden.

FA 5 A chance for psychoanalysis to change: the ZŸrich Psychoanalytical Seminar as an example Emilio Modena. Eclecticism: the impossible project - a response to Deryck Dyne R.D.Hinshelwood. The Milan systematic approach to family therapy: an overview Marco Chiesa. On the psychodynamics of drug dependence A.Limentani. Psychoanalysis in non-clinical contexts: on The Art of Captaincy Isabel Menzies Lyth. Schizophrenia and history Terry A.Kupers. Interpretation: fresh insight or clichŽ? Patrick Casement. Psychological practice and social democracy Barry Richards.

FA 6 Freud: Scientist and/or humanist Robert M.Young. An interview with John Bowlby on the origins and reception of his work John Bowlby, Karl Figlio and Robert Young. Mental health reforms: some contrasts between Britain and Italy Anne Rogers and David Pilgrim. The dual potential of brief psychotherapy Terry A.Kupers. In the analytic theatre Stephen Kurtz. 'The Ancient Mariner': opium, the saboteur of self-therapy Arthur Hyatt Williams.

FA 7 Mourning, the analyst and the analysand W.Clifford M.Scott. Military Mobilizations of the unconscious Barry Richards. A masterpiece on murder Arthur Hyatt Williams. Beyond the analytic attitude: radical aims and psychoanalytic psychotherapy Stephen Frosh. The formation and deformation of identity during psychoanalytic training J.Steltzer. Squid and projective identification Jan Benowitz Eigner. An overview of self-psychology Ronald Baker. Grief and mourning in Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' Victoria Hamilton.

FA 8 What does it mean to be a man? SŽan Cathie. Analytic group work in a boys' comprehensive school Jane Ellwood and Margaret Oke. Hypnosis in psychotherapy in the 1980s Hellmut W.A.Karle. Dementia and its pathology: in brain, mind or society? Tom Kitwood. Some thoughts on torture Silvia Amati. When the doodling stops or the analyst and his/her health Joanne Wieland-Burston. A discussion of 'Mourning, the analyst and the analysand', by W.Clifford M.Scott J.B.Boulanger.

FA 9 Charles Darwin's 'insufferable grief' Ralph Colp, Jr. The Marilyn Monroe Children's Fund and the work of the Tavistock Clinic. The year 2000: a psychoanalytic perspective on the fantasy of the new millenium Andrea Sabbadini. The crisis of fatherhood Gavin Smith. Bruce Springsteen and the crisis of masculinity Barry Richards. A triumph of the will Trista Selous. Psychoanalysis, philosophical realism, and the new sociology of science Michael Rustin.

FA 10 On the value of regression to dependence Margaret A.Little. An interview with Herbert Rosenfeld Phyllis Grosskurth. The psychodynamics of theory Ian Craib. An encounter between the wise baby and one of his grandsons J. Chasseguet-Smirgel. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: in place of an introduction. Book 1. Freud's papers on technique, 1953-1954 John Forrester. Shifting the pavement: thoughts from the patient's side of the couch Catherine Kober. Some biographical contributions to psychoanalytic theories Jonathan R.Pedder. Explaining senile dementia: the limits of neuropathological research Tom Kitwood.

FA 11 Freud's break with Jung: the crucial role of Ernest Jones R.Andrew Paskauskas. The 'black hole' - a significant element in autism Frances Tustin. The challenge of Robert Langs David Livingstone Smith. Psychotherapy in British Special Hospitals: a case of failure to thrive David Pilgrim. The pattern which connects Margaret Arden. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: in place of an introduction. Book II. The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the technique of psychoanalysis, 1954-1955 John Forrester. Biography: the basic discipline for human science Robert M.Young.

FA 12 Michael Fordham in discussion with Karl Figlio. The first institution of society and second-order institutions Cornelius Castoriadis. On kissing Adam Phillips. Reflections on mature love and countertransference Irwin Hirsch and Paul Kessel. Repairing broken links between the unconscious, sleep and instinct; and the conscious, waking and instinct W.Clifford M.Scott. The place of the parents in psychoanalytic theory Linda Colman.

FA 21 'Healing through love'? A unique dialogue in the history of psychoanalysis AndrŽ Haynal and Ernst Falzeder. The social context: searching for a hypothesis Janine Puget. A psychoanalytic glance into microelectronics Emilio Modena. Cain and Abel Alix Pirani. Writing relations in men's prison Ben Knights. R.D.Laing: a distant memoir Paul Gordon. Masud Khan Judy Cooper, Adam Phillips and Mark Paterson.

FA 22 Dr Judith S. Kestenberg talks to Kristina Stanton. The urban experience Bruno Bettelheim. Bruno Bettelheim's achievement David James Fisher. Reflections on perverse states of mind Margot Waddell and Gianna Williams. Fair is foul and foul is fair: perversion and projective identification in Macbeth Gail Grayson. Prodromal states of suicide: thoughts on the death of Ann France Nini Herman. Won from the void and formless infinite: experiences of social dreaming W. Gordon Lawrence.

FA 23 Jean Laplanche interviewed by Martin Stanton. The allure of the bad object Eleanore M. Armstrong-Perlman. Psychoanalysis as a general psychology, revisited Judith M. Hughes. Child Psychotherapy in historical context: an introduction to the work of Margaret Lowenfeld Cathy Urwin. Play and symbolism in Lowenfeld and Winnicott Madeleine Davis. On being a psychoanalyst in Brazil: pressures, pitfalls and perspectives SŽrvulo Augusto Figueira.

FA 24 Cornelius Castoriadis interviewed by Paul Gordon. Psychoanalytic critique of productivism Robert M. Young. On the uses and abuses of psychoanalysis in cultural research Eugene Victor Wolfenstein. On a covert fundamentalism grounding both the Freudian Project and its derivative notion of sublimation Donald Moss. Instinctual foundations of group analysis A.P. Ormay. Fairbairn's thought on the relationship of inner and outer worlds John Padel.

FA 25 Ruth Rendell talks to Marion Bower. Between psychoanalysis and surrealism: the collaboration between Grace Pailthorpe and Reuben Mednikoff David Maclagan. Creation in the work of art and its framework Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel. Sexual abuse: the bodily aftermath Nicola Diamond. Beyond addiction: recovery groups and 'women who love too much' Janice Haaken. The self analysis of an experienced psychoanalyst: development and application of an uncommonly effective technique Harry M. Anderson.

FA 26 Clare Winnicott talks to Michael Neve. On poetry and weeping Craig Powell. A brief history of my tears Stephen A. Kurtz. 'If it's two o'clock I must be a therapist...': some observations on boundaries and roles Ian Craib. The super-ego, anxiety and guilt Nina Coltart. Names, thoughts and lies: the relevance of Bion's later writing for understanding experiences in groups David Armstrong. Reactions to Nini Herman's article on Ann France.

FA 27 Harold Searles talks to Martin Stanton. The elder and the other Carol Martin. A psychoanalytical observational study of the elderly Savi McKenzie-Smith. The competition: psychoanalysis, its feminist interpreters and the idea of sexual freedom 1910-1930 Ellen Herman. Awake, going to sleep, asleep, dreaming, awaking, awake: comments on W.Clifford M.Scott J. Henri Rey. The psychologist: a new element in changing Kenya Samuel Ochieng.

FA 28 Helmut Dahmer talks to Martin Stanton. Psychoanalytic social research Helmut Dahmer. Report: What caused the disappearance of Psyche? Evelyn Heintges. The self-destructive subject: critical theory and the analysis of the unconscious and society Anthony Elliott. The mirror and the hammer: depth psychology and political transformation Andrew Samuels. Commentaries on 'The mirror and the hammer' Karl Figlio, Sonu Shamdasani, David Mayers, Renos Papadopoulos. Reply Andrew Samuels. The Jung-Klein hybrid Michael Fordham. Freud and Jung Margaret Arden.

FA 29 James Greene talks to Anne Alvarez and Valerie Sinason about poetry. Violence, helplessness, vulnerability and male sexuality Adam Jukes. The shadow over Oedipus: the father's rivalry with his son David Mann. Mastery and guilt Fiona Gardner. Introduction: the profession of psychotherapy in Britain Robert M. Young. The future of analytical psychotherapy: what do we profess? Karl Figlio, Haya Oakley and Brian Martindale. Update: February 1993 Haya Oakley. Letter: The British Confederation of Psychotherapists Joscelyn Richards, Anne-Marie Sandler. Unchained: perspectives on change Micheline Klagsbrun Frank. Psychoanalytic teaching and research: knowing and knowing about Robert M. Young.

FA 30 The concept of reality and psychoanalysis practised in underground conditions Michael Sebek. Post-traumatic stress disorder among victims of organized violence: a report from Bulgaria Toma Tomov and Evgueni Guentchev. The power of lies and the project of feminist therapy Caroline New. The non-lover: desire and discourse in the psychoanalytic session Audrey Cantlie. At the border between institutionalization and community psychiatry: psychodynamic observations of a hospital admissions ward Marco Chiesa. Is the Oedipus complex bad news for women? Jane Temperley. Dangerous liaisons: the rivalrous resemblance of David Cooper and R.D.Laing Chris Oakley. Conference Report:'Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere' 1992 Andrew Cooper, Karen Baistow, Max Farrar.

FA 31 The interface between refugee groups and assistance groups: an exploration of the dynamics of the design of a treatment programme Gillian Straker. 'Truth' and 'reality': Joyce McDougall and gender identity Noreen O'Connor and Joanna Ryan. Notes toward an object-relations approach to cinema Graham Clarke. The Problem of the Alien: emotional mastery or emotional fascism in contemporary film production Christophe Hering. Mean streaks: notes for a psychoanalytic screening of Martin Scorsese's film Raging Bull Eric J. Neutzel. Blue Velvet: the surface of suffering Jed Sekoff. Alien3 Robert M. Young. The myth of Andromeda: an aspect of female sexuality Prophecy Coles.

FA 32 Death and its Other in Bosnia-Herzegovina: fantasy, guilt, democracy Anthony Elliott. Lesbians, gay men and psychoanalytic training Mary Lynn Ellis. Notes on the interaction between prison staff and prisoners Arthur Hyatt Williams. Reflexive social psychology: discourse analysis and psychoanalysis Ian Parker. The cultural predicaments of psychoanalysis Barry Richards. Working with men who are helpless, vulnerable and violent Adam Jukes.

FA 33 Free Associations, truth, morality and engagement Andrew Cooper and Amal Treacher. Paranoid knowledge Roger Bacon. The third as the illusion and necessary mediator of authority: sociological and psychoanalytic reflections Gšran Dahl. Notes on the null dimension [poem] Shirah Kober Zeller. Dostoyevsky's devil: primitive agony and the uncanny Duncan Barford. Essences and their trajectories as backdrop in clinical stories Maurice Apprey. A statement about play and adults in analytic psychotherapy Carlotta Johnson email: s, please let me know on

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