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free associations

psychoanalysis, groups, politics, culture

Free Associations, now in its eleventh year is a, if not the, leading periodical on the non-clinical aspects of psychoanalysis and related psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy, groups, politics, institutions, culture. It is also wide-ranging in its sympathies within the analytic tradition and in the styles and formats of the contributions it accepts. The editors are willing to engage with potential contributors at an early stage of their thinking in order to help develop new ideas and ways of presenting them.

Contributions of note have included interviews with John Bowlby, Cornelius Castoriades, Jean Laplanche, Harold Searles, Michael Fordham. Forthcoming ones include Vlamik Volkan and Leo Abse.
There have been articles on John LeCarre, popular culture, 'Alein', Shakespeare, torture, psychoanalysis in Eastern Europe, social dreaming, Bion on group relations, the politics of psychoanalysis, Laing and Cooper, training gays and lesbians, children's fiction, Freud's relations with Jung, the work of Harold Searles.

Editor: Robert M. Young

Managing Editor: Paul Gordon

Editorial Board: David Armstrong, Vivien Bar, Sheila Ernst, Karl Figlio, Stephen Frosh, Susie Godsil, Tirril Harris, Christoph Hering, R. D. Hinshelwood, Paul Hoggett, Elaine Jordan, Gordon Lawrence, Les Levidow, Meira Likierman, David Mayers, Adam Phillips, Barry Richards, Margaret Rustin, Michael Rustin, Ann Scott, Amal Treacher, Julia Vellicott, Margot Waddell, Valerie Walkerdine, Tara Weeramanthri, Jean White

Editorial Advisory Board: Peter Barham, Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, Helmut Dahmer, Jean Bethke Elshtain, AndrŽ Green, James Grotstein, David Ingleby, Russell Jacoby, Joel Kovel, Terry A. Kupers, Jean Laplanche, Emilio Modena, Claire Pajaczkowska, Jean Radford, Harold Searles, Michael Vannoy Adams, Robert Wallerstein, Eugene V. Wolfenstein

The journal is published quarterly, and each issue contains 160 pages.
Subscription may begin with any issue.

Subscription rates:

UK Individual
1 yr 30
2 yrs 52.50
UK Institutional
1 yr 70
2 yrs 120

US Individual
1yr $45
2 yr $80
US Institutional
1 yr $120
2 yr $200

Overseas Individual
1 yr 35
2 yrs 62
Overseas Institutional
1 yr 80
2 yrs 140

Subscriptions for the USA
$30 individual USA, $45 Canada/Mexico; $65 institutional USA, $80 institutional Canada/Mexico. All prices include postage.

Orders to Free Associations, Worldwide Subscription Service Ltd., Unit 4, Gibbs Reed Farm, Ticehurst, TN5 7HE, England.
Tel. +01580 200657 Fax. +01580 200616.
Payment should be in sterling or US dollars or by credit card (Visa/Barclaycard/MasterCard/Access).
If payment is made in another currency, add the equivalent of 5. to cover conversion charges.

Back issues are 8.00 (US $12) each for non-subscribers, 5.00 (US $7.50)
for subscribers; 21 ($30) for institutions.
Available from Free Associations, 26 Freegrove Road, London N7 9RQ.
Tel. +0171 607 8306 Fax. +0171 609 4837
email pp@rmy1.demon.co.uk.


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