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Process Press

26 Freegrove Road, London N7 9RQ, UK
Tel: 0171 607 0507 - Fax: 0171 609 4837
Email: Process Press


Associated Activities:

The Free Associations Education Programme

The Free Associations Education Programme draws on teaching materials used in various psychotherapy training programmes and courses in psychoanalytic studies. We have compiled a fairly comprehensive set of reading lists of books, articles and other sources on a large number of psychoanalytic topics. If you would like copies of these, please send 5.00 (cheque to FAEP). List of topics and schedule of workshops are available free. Workshops on topics chosen by particular groups can be arranged.

The Freegrove Centre

The Freegrove Centre offers advice and consultation on references, teaching materials, lectures, academic and clinical supervision, assessment and therapists (address above; telephone 071 609 1597 or leave a message on 071 609 0507) email Process Press.