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Editor-in-Chief: Ian Pitchford B.Sc (Open), B.Sc (Hons), MA, PhD, CBiol, MIBiol

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2003 ó Volume Three

Brody, J. (2003). Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order by Steven Strogatz. Human Nature Review. 3: 494-496. PDF of this article

Sandis, C. (2003). Review of The Lost Cause: Causation and the Mind-Body Problem by Celia Green. Human Nature Review. 3: 491-493. PDF of this article

Harris, K. S. (2003). Review of Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious by Timothy Wilson. Human Nature Review. 3: 488-490. PDF of this article

Brody, J. (2003). Mutual bootstrapping. A review of Niche Construction: The Neglected Process in Evolution by J. Olding-Smee, K. Laland, and M. Feldman. Human Nature Review. 3: 484-487. PDF of this article

Reydon, T. A. C. (2003). Review of Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have A Purpose? by Michael Ruse. Human Nature Review. 3: 480-483. PDF of this article

Clark, T. W. (2003). Against retribution. A review of Placing Blame: A General Theory of Criminal Law by Michael Moore. Human Nature Review. 3: 466-479. PDF of this article

Penn, D. (2003). On Nature and Nurture. A review of Nature Via Nurture: Genes, Experience, and What Makes Us Human by Matt Ridley. Human Nature Review. 3: 461-465. PDF of this article

Kohler, A. (2003). Wittgenstein meets neuroscience. A review of Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience by M. R. Bennett and P. M. S. Hacker. Human Nature Review. 3: 459-460. PDF of this article

Landreth, A. (2003). Review of Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy by Patricia Smith Churchland. Human Nature Review. 3: 455-458. PDF of this article

Ghin, M. (2003). Review of Being No One: The Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity by Thomas Metzinger. Human Nature Review. 3: 450-454. PDF of this article

McCardell, E. (2003). Review of How Can Conscious Experiences Affect Brains? by Max Velmans. Human Nature Review. 3: 448-449. PDF of this article

La Cerra, P. (2003). The First Law of Psychology is the Second Law of Thermodynamics: The Energetic Evolutionary Model of the Mind and the Generation of Human Psychological Phenomena. Human Nature Review. 3: 440-447. PDF of this article

Barber, N. (2003). The Science of Romance: Response to Petto Review [Letter to the Editor]. Human Nature Review. 3: 438-439. PDF of this article

Tomlin, A. (2003). Review of Evolutionary Aesthetics edited by Eckart Voland and Karl Grammer. Human Nature Review. 3: 435-437. PDF of this article

Sugarman, R. (2003). Review of The Mutable Brain: Dynamic and Plastic Features of the Developing and Mature Brain edited by Jon H. Kaas. Human Nature Review. 3: 432-434. PDF of this article

Greenberg, N. (2003). Review of The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes and the Civilized Mind by Elkhonon Goldberg. Human Nature Review. 3: 422-431. PDF of this article

Holdsworth, R. (2003). Review of The Gene Illusion: Genetic Research in Psychiatry and Psychology Under the Microscope by Jay Joseph. Human Nature Review. 3: 416-421. PDF of this article

Leo, J. (2003). The Fallacy of the 50% Concordance Rate for Schizophrenia in Identical Twins. Human Nature Review. 3: 406-415. PDF of this article

Moxon, S. (2003). Review of The Eternal Child: An Explosive New Theory of Human Origins and Behaviour by Clive Bromhall. Human Nature Review. 3: 402-405. PDF of this article

Whittle, A. (2003). Review of Powers: A Study in Metaphysics by George Molnar, edited by Stephen Mumford. Human Nature Review. 3: 399-401. PDF of this article

Daims, M. (2003). Review of Raising America: Experts, Parents and a Century of Advice About Children by Ann Hulbert. Human Nature Review. 3: 395-398. PDF of this article

Wagner, P. A. (2003). Review of Decisions, Uncertainty, and the Brain: The Science of Neuroeconomics by Paul W. Glimcher. Human Nature Review. 3: 392-394. PDF of this article

Keegan, E. (2003). Review of Depression Fallout: The Impact on Couples and What You Can Do to Preserve the Bond by Anne Sheffield. Human Nature Review. 3: 389-391. PDF of this article

Henry, D. (2003). Review of In the Grip of Disease: Studies in the Greek Imagination by G. E. R. Lloyd. Human Nature Review. 3: 381-388. PDF of this article

Clark, S. (2003). Review of The First Darwinian Left: Socialism and Darwinism 1859-1914 by David Stack. Human Nature Review. 3: 379-380. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Empire of Capital by Ellen Meiksins Wood. Human Nature Review. 3: 376-378. PDF of this article

Paul, D. (2003). Review of The Political Economy of Social Inequalities: Consequences For Health and Quality of Life edited by Vicente Navarro. Human Nature Review. 3: 373-375. PDF of this article

Sugarman, R. (2003). Review of The Book of Tells by Peter Collett. Human Nature Review. 3: 370-372. PDF of this article

Guilherme, A. (2003). Review of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin edited by Joseph Carroll. Human Nature Review. 3: 366-369. PDF of this article

Bell, V. (2003). Review of Imagination and its Pathologies edited by James Phillips and James Morley. Human Nature Review. 3: 363-365. PDF of this article

Lerner, B. D. (2003). We Donít Know What Weíre Doing. Human Nature Review. 3: 360-362. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Aid to Africa: So Much to Do So Little Done by Carol Lancaster. Human Nature Review. 3: 357-359. PDF of this article

Okasha, S. (2003). Recent work on the levels of selection problem. Human Nature Review. 3: 349-356. PDF of this article

Smith, J. (2003). Review of Agency and Self Awareness: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology edited by Johannes Roessler and Naomi Eilan. Human Nature Review. 3: 346-348. PDF of this article

Daims, M. (2003). Review of Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? A Parentís Guide to Raising Multiracial Children by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Human Nature Review. 3: 343-345. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Global Environment Outlook 3: Past, Present and Future Perspectives by the United Nations Environment Programme. Human Nature Review. 3: 341-342. PDF of this article

Hamblet, W. C. (2003). Review of The Animal Within Us: Lessons From Our Animal Ancestors by Jay D. Glass. Human Nature Review. 3: 339-340. PDF of this article

Perring, C. (2003). Review of Advancing DSM: Dilemmas in Psychiatric Diagnosis edited by Katherine A. Phillips, Michael B. First, and Harold Alan Pincus. Human Nature Review. 3: 334-338. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Colonialism and Neocolonialism by Jean-Paul Sartre. Human Nature Review. 3: 331-333. PDF of this article

Thompson, K. S. (2003). Review of Homicide Survivors: Misunderstood Grievers by Judie A. Bucholz. Human Nature Review. 3: 329-330. PDF of this article

Stjernberg, F. (2003). Review of The Cognitive Basis of Science edited by Peter Carruthers, Stephen Stich and Michael Siegal. Human Nature Review. 3: 325-328. PDF of this article

Leary, M. R. (2003). Peeking Inside the Relationship Mind. Human Nature Review. 3: 323-324. PDF of this article

McCardell, E. (2003). Review of Face Recognition: Cognitive and Computational Processes by Sam S. Rakover and Baruch Cahlon. Human Nature Review. 3: 321-322. PDF of this article

Bradie, M. (2003). Review of What Genes Canít Do by Lenny Moss. Human Nature Review. 3: 317-320. PDF of this article

Kemmelmeier, M. (2003). Rational dynamics of rivalry. Human Nature Review. 3: 314-316. PDF of this article

Rumsey, F. (2003). Review of A Starving Madness: Tales of Hunger, Hope and Healing in Psychotherapy by Judith Ruskay Rabinor. Human Nature Review. 3: 313. PDF of this article

Brody, J. (2003). Candle Pine: A Review of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray. Human Nature Review. 3: 309-312. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Enhancing Global Governance: Towards A New Diplomacy edited by Andrew F. Cooper, John English and Ramesh Thakur. Human Nature Review. 3: 307-308. PDF of this article

Masters, R. D. (2003). Stem Cell Politics [Letter to the Editor]. Human Nature Review. 3: 306. PDF of this article

Casebeer, W. D. (2003). Why The Laws of Thought Are, After All, the Laws of (Evolutionary) Logic. Human Nature Review. 3: 303-305. PDF of this article

Tee, G. J. (2003). Karl Pearson on Atoms [Letter to the Editor]. Human Nature Review. 3: 302. PDF of this article

Williams, R. H., Zumbo, B. D., Ross, D., & Zimmerman, D. W. (2003). On the Intellectual Versatility of Karl Pearson. Human Nature Review. 3: 296-301. PDF of this article

Sugarman, R. (2003). Review of Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain by Antonio Damasio. Human Nature Review. 3: 293-295. PDF of this article

Tammisalo, O. (2003). Racial differences and Jensen on trial. Human Nature Review. 3: 289-292. PDF of this article

Sergeant, M. (2003). Review of The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality by James Vaughn Kohl and Robert T. Francoeur. Human Nature Review. 3: 284-288. PDF of this article

Sugarman, R. (2003). Review of Under the Canopy: The Archaeology of the Tropical Rain Forests edited by Julio Mercader. Human Nature Review. 3: 281-283. PDF of this article

Barash, N. R. (2003). Sex Isnít SimpleÖ or, Down With Dichotomies! Human Nature Review. 3: 278-280. PDF of this article

Todosijević, B. (2003). Review of King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership by Arnold M. Ludwig. Human Nature Review. 3: 273-277. PDF of this article

Parsons, J. (2003). Review of Quality and Quantity. The Quest for Biological Regeneration in Twentieth-Century France by William H. Schneider. Human Nature Review. 3: 266-272. PDF of this article

Harris, K. S. (2003). Review of Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices by Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. Human Nature Review. 3: 263-265. PDF of this article

Sugarman, R. (2003). Science in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Human Nature Review. 3: 257-262. PDF of this article

Palmer, C. T. (2003). Review of The Ancestress Hypothesis: Visual Art as Adaptation by Kathryn Coe. Human Nature Review. 3: 254-256. PDF of this article

Keegan, E. (2003). Review of The Treatment of Obsessions by Stanley Rachman. Human Nature Review. 3: 252-253. PDF of this article

Benzon, W. L. (2003). Ayahuasca Variations. Human Nature Review. 3: 239-251. PDF of this article

Albert, M., & Chomsky, N. (2003). Iraq: The Real Agenda. Human Nature Review. 3: 233-238. PDF of this article

Hawks, J. (2003). Review of The Dawn of Human Culture by Richard Klein and Blake Edgar. Human Nature Review. 3: 229-232. PDF of this article

Donovan, J. M. (2003). Review of Facial Attractiveness: Evolutionary, Cognitive, and Social Perspectives edited by Gillian Rhodes and Leslie A. Zebrowitz. Human Nature Review. 3: 226-228. PDF of this article

Barash, D. P. (2003). Dennett and the Darwinizing of Free Will. Human Nature Review. 3: 222-225. PDF of this article

McCardell, E. (2002). Review of Adult Crying: A Biopsychosocial Approach. Edited by Ad J. J. M. Vingerhoets and Randolph R. Cornelius. Human Nature Review. 3: 219-221. PDF of this article

Sherman, J. A. (2003). Thoughts From A Psychologist. Human Nature Review. 3: 216-218. PDF of this article

Brody, J. (2003). Symbiosis: Shermer on Sulloway and Wallace. Human Nature Review. 3: 210-215. PDF of this article

Kennair, L. E. O. (2003). Behold the Paradigm Shift! Human Nature Review. 3: 196-209. PDF of this article

Talbot, C. (2003). How the Public Sector Got its Contradictions - The Tale of the Paradoxical Primate. Human Nature Review. 3: 183-195. PDF of this article

Coates, P. (2003). Review of Is The Visual World a Grand Illusion? Edited by Alva NoŽ. Human Nature Review. 3: 176-182. PDF of this article

Hills, A. (2003). Review of The Nuffield Report on Genetics and Human Behaviour. Human Nature Review. 3: 172-175. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization by Hilary French. Human Nature Review. 3: 169-171. PDF of this article

van Wyhe, J. (2003). Review of In Darwinís Shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace: A Biographical Study on the Psychology of History by Michael Shermer. Human Nature Review. 3: 166-168. PDF of this article

Curry, O. (2003). Review of Bounded Rationality: The Adaptive Toolbox edited by Gerd Gigerenzer and Reinhard Selten. Human Nature Review. 3: 163-165. PDF of this article

Ferrara, E. (2003). Review of The Antiquity of Man: Artifactual, Fossil and Gene Records Explored by Michael Brass. Human Nature Review. 3: 160-162. PDF of this article

Dickinson, A. R. (2003). Review of Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid edited by Robert J. Sternberg. Human Nature Review. 3: 158-159. PDF of this article

Procida, D. M., & Jones, C. (2003). Review of Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality by Kingsley R. Browne. Human Nature Review. 3: 155-157. PDF of this article

Levy, N. (2003). Review of Freedom Evolves by Daniel C. Dennett. Human Nature Review. 3: 152-154. PDF of this article

Kohl, J. V. (2003). Review of The Emperor of Scent: A Story of Perfume, Obsession and the Last Mystery of the Senses by Chandler Burr. Human Nature Review. 3: 149-151. PDF of this article

Greenberg, N. (2003). Review of Up from Dragons: The Evolution of Human Intelligence by John R. Skoyles and Dorian Sagan. Human Nature Review. 3: 142-148. PDF of this article

Medcalf, E. (2003). Review of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men by Richard B. Gartner. Human Nature Review. 3: 139-141. PDF of this article

LeBlanc, A. (2003). On Discourse, Freedom and the History of Aphasiological Research. Human Nature Review. 3: 135-138. PDF of this article

MacEachern, S. (2003). Review of That complex whole: culture and the evolution of human behavior by Lee Cronk. Human Nature Review. 3: 130-134. PDF of this article

Brody, J. (2003). The French Evolution: A review of Of Flies, Mice, and Men by FranÁois Jacob. Human Nature Review. 3: 126-129. PDF of this article

Glantz, K. (2003). Review of The End Of The American Era by Charles A. Kupchan. Human Nature Review. 3: 124-125. PDF of this article

Amini, M. (2003). Has Foundationalism Failed? A critical review of Coherence in Thought and Action by Paul Thagard. Human Nature Review. 3: 119-123. PDF of this article

Williams, R. H., Zimmerman, D. W., Zumbo, B. D. & Ross, D. (2003). Charles Spearman: British Behavioral Scientist. Human Nature Review. 3: 114-118. PDF of this article

Dickins, T. E. (2003). Review of Evolutionary Interpretations of World Politics edited by William R. Thompson. Human Nature Review. 3: 111-113. PDF of this article

Ankomah, K. (2003). Review of The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser. Human Nature Review. 3: 108-110. PDF of this article

Lock, A. (2003). Review of The Evolution and Function of Cognition by Felix Goodson. Human Nature Review. 3: 104-107. PDF of this article

Smith, D. L. (2003). Review of In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion by Scott Atran. Human Nature Review. 3: 102-103. PDF of this article

Martin, S. (2003). Review of A Parentís Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism by Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson, and James McPartland. Human Nature Review. 3: 100-101. PDF of this article

Smith, D. L. (2003). Review of Darwinian Politics. The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom by Paul H. Rubin. Human Nature Review. 3: 98-99. PDF of this article

Bradie, M. (2003). Review of Genes: A Philosophical Inquiry by Gordon Graham. Human Nature Review. 3: 93-97. PDF of this article

Curry, O. (2003). Evolutionary psychology: "fashionable ideology" or "new foundation"? Human Nature Review. 3: 81-92. PDF of this article

Parsons, J. (2003). Review of Darwinian Politics. The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom by Paul H. Rubin. Human Nature Review. 3: 72-80. PDF of this article

Procida, D. M. (2003). Review of Y: The Descent of Men by Steve Jones. Human Nature Review. 3: 67-71. PDF of this article

Brody, J. (2003). Rebels, Deviants, and Individualists... Reactions to Psychology: An Evolutionary Approach by Steven Gaulin & Donald McBurney. Human Nature Review. 3: 59-66. PDF of this article

Beit-Hallahmi, B. (2003). Review of In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion by Scott Atran. Human Nature Review. 3: 56-58. PDF of this article

Wilkins, J. S. (2003). Review of Beethovenís Anvil: Music in mind and culture by William L. Benzon. Human Nature Review. 3: 54-55. PDF of this article

Athanasopoulos, C. G. (2003). Review of Genotype to Phenotype edited by S. Malcolm and J. Goodship. Human Nature Review. 3: 49-53. PDF of this article

Melia, Y. (2003). Review of Synaptic Self. How our brains become who we are by Joseph LeDoux. Human Nature Review. 3: 47-48. PDF of this article

Lipton, J. E. (2003). Review of The Tending Instinct: How Nurturing is Essential to Who We Are and How We Live by Shelley E. Taylor. Human Nature Review. 3: 44-46. PDF of this article

Dowker, A. (2003). Review of How Babies Think: The Science of Childhood by Alison Gopnik, Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl. Human Nature Review. 3: 41-43. PDF of this article

Hall, M. E. (2003). Review of The Rhythms of History: A Universal Theory of Civilizations by Stephen Blaha. Human Nature Review. 3: 38-40. PDF of this article

Ata, A. W. (2003). Exodus of the Palestinian Christians [Letter to the Editor]. Human Nature Review. 3: 36-37. PDF of this article

Kennair, L. E. O. (2003). An Alternative Paradigm After All? Human Nature Review. 3: 24-35. PDF of this article

Nettle, D. (2003). Review of Economics as an evolutionary science: From utility to fitness by Arthur E. Gandolfi, Anna S. Gandolfi and David P. Barash. Human Nature Review. 3: 21-23. PDF of this article

Harris, K. S. (2003). Review of When culture and biology collide: Why we are stressed, depressed, and self-obsessed by Euclid O. Smith. Human Nature Review. 3: 17-20. PDF of this article

Barash, D. P. (2003). We're All Animals. Human Nature Review. 3: 15-16. PDF of this article

Casebeer, W. D. (2003). Review of Evolution and the Capacity for Commitment edited by Randolph M. Nesse. Human Nature Review. 3: 12-14. PDF of this article

Walsh, A. (2003). The Holy Trinity and the Legacy of the Italian School of Criminal Anthropology. Human Nature Review. 3: 1-11. PDF of this article

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