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Dr. Toma Tomov
Professor of Psychiatry
Medical University of Sofia (written in English)

'The impact of political change in Eastern Europe on the advancement of
behavioural science and psychiatry'. Special lecture delivered at the
annual meeting of American Psychiatric Association, May, New York.
Published in British Journal of Psychiatry, 159, 13-18, 1991

'Eastern Europe: Psychosocial Travails'. In: J. Masserman (ed) Social
Psychiatry and World Accords. Int. Univ. Press., Madison, CT, 1991

'Mental Health in Eastern Europe'. Paper presented at: Annual Conference of
the European Regional Concil, World Federation of Mental Health,
Thessaloniki, Greece, 7-10 October, 1992

'Psychoanalysis in Bulgaria' (co-authored with Nikola Atanassov). in P.
Kutter (ed.) Psychoanalysis International, A Guide to Psychoanalysis
throughout the World, vol 2, frommann-holzboog, 1992

'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among victims of Organized Violence: a
report from Bulgaria'. Free Associations, Vol. 4, Part 2 (Number 30), 1993

'Changes in Eastern Europe: What it takes to implement them'. Paper
presented at the Second Annual European Conference of Rowantree Foundation,
25th-27th June, 1993

'Psychoanalysis in a Post-Totalitarian Society'. Paper presented at the
Seventh Annual Conference Psychoanalysis and The Public Sphere, 12-13
November, 1993, London

'Ethnic Conflict and Mental Health: An Agenda for the Future'. Paper
presented at the Conference on "Conflict and Mental Health", 1-4 September,
1994, Belfast, Northern Ireland

'Social Violence and the Social Institutions.' Paper written for the
Seminar on Social Violence, October 14-15,1995, Prague, To be published,
ed. Keitha Fine.

'Eastern Europe after 1989: The Perspective on Gender in a Culture of
Paper presented at the International Conference for men and
women"Countering oppressive practices - gender and systemic therapy, 31
March -1 April, 1996, St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK

'The Politics Of Mental Health In Bulgaria: Is There A Civic Role For
Paper presented at the Geneva Initiative for Psychiatry
sponsored Symposium "The Role of the Professional Psychiatric
Associations", X World Congress of Psychiatry, Madrid, 23-28 August, 1996

'Views Held by Psychiatrists of Their Profession: Are there Differences
between East and West?
' (co-authored with Nikalay Butorin). paper presented
at the Fourth Meeting of Reformers in Psychiatry, Madrid, August 29-31,


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