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        Europsych is concerned to foster exchange of information about psychotherapy in Europe - East and West. We hope that subscribers will share information about psychotherapy facilities, training and research in their countries so that others can be better informed and so that ideas, writings and expertise can be shared.

        Practitioners of  all approaches to psychotherapy are welcome, and subscribers to the list are expected to relate constructively (or silently) to approaches other than their own. 'All' includes psychodynamic, behavioural, brief, solution-focussed, gestalt, etc, as well as group therapy, art psychotherapy, drama therapy, dance therapy, etc.

        It is hoped that people who join the list and are in a position to do so should sketch the situation in their country - numbers of practitioners and approaches, trainings, provision for payment, institutional and intellectual issues and whatever other topics may seem relevant and interesting.

        A particularly interesting topic is the situation and development of psychotherapy in Eastern Europe and possibilities for mutual support, exchanges and the development of distance learning projects.

Forum Moderator
Robert M. Young
Co-Director, Human-Nature.Com and
Professor of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Studies
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
University of Sheffield

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